About Straight Up Photography

         In real estate, we have all heard the buzzwords: curb appeal, neighborhood, first impression, potential, solidity, bang for the buck, and the famous three words, location, location, location. Advertising of real estate has evolved from want ads to pictures to video walk-throughs to the present forms of social media: Facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. My company, Straight Up Photography (SUP) is now offering you the newest approach, the holistic approach of seeing the property from the sky, both micro and macro views. My remote piloted aerial vehicles are equipped with the state of the art cameras that can show the buyer every aspect of the property in question and save a lot of time trudging through spring rain muddied backyards and extended property lines. My photographs and videos expose the surrounding neighborhoods to provide the potential buyer a chance to survey the location from all cardinal directions. The seller benefits as well when he or she is selling a quality property. Businesses also find it a boon to be able to provide potential clients a complete look at the buildings for sale. A new quality roof can be hyped along with basic building structural integrity.

Why Choose Straight UP Photography ?

The Experience
The Individuality
The Devotion

  • BFA Edinboro University, Computer Animation/ Graphic design
  • (UAV) Unmanned  Aerial Vehicle University, Basic pilot 
  • Million dollar Liability Insured
  • (AMA) American Modelers Assn. Member and insured
  • Registered Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Advanced A/V editing 
  • Coldwell Banker, Howard Hannah, Nexus Realators
  • Faypen Business development land plotting
  • Wind turbine damage inspection
  • Connellsville Rec Board festival videos
  • Connellsville City Chamber of Commerse welcome signs
  • Car lot commercial videos
  • Fox Castle B&B
  • Pittsburgh Highrise and Condo Promo videos
  • ​Pittsburgh Social Exchange Promo Videos
  • roofing inspection
  • ​pipeline inspection
  • property assesment 
  • Comercial footage 
  • sporting event coverage
Member, in good standing, of Pittsburghs local film union I.A.T.S.E 489 since 2007. 
I've worked on multiple major motion pictures such as, 
  • Batman Dark Kniight Rise
  • Captain America Winter Soldier
  • Jack Reacher
  • The Next Three Days
  • The Road
  • SouthPaw
  • Concussion
  • Outsiders season2
Used to working in a high stress environment with long hours and big budgets on the line. 

Straight up Photography ws born out of the fire of high stress environment of Hollywood film making. Each job done is carefully planned and plotted to achieve the highest quality footage . Planning around weather patterns, seasomal look, and time of day are all just the tip of the iceberg.  Flying legally under the FAA guidelines is a huge part of being a legit business. At no time, will I fly in a situation that will jeopardize the client, air space, or laws.
The Equipment
Each Drone is a state-of-the art DJI platform.
Phantom3 advanced
GPS lock to avoid flyaways. Return to home setting, HD video quality. 
First Person Veiw (FPV) to ensure best framming of subject matter. 
Second desplay to show client what is being seen by the drone.